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Jo Kirchherr and his son Jan

Jo Kirchherr and his son Jan

Jo Kirchherr is a photographer originally from the dark-kissed groves of the black forest.

jo kirchherr was born in the darkest part of the black forest. fascinated by giving birth to a little piece of paper just with the help of some silver topping, his life as a photographer started in his father's darkroom. years later, he set up his own business in cologne as a professional photographer. while his first victims were musicians and artists, over the years, he gently proceeded to less delicate objects such as meringues and other goodies, nourishing his main passions: food and travel – best illustrated by his first cookbook 'eating in paradise', which even won the gourmand world cookbook award. nowadays he is enjoying the luxury of a perfect balance between food and lifestyle photography.



jo kirchherr  
vorgebirgstraße 115  
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